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On Airs, Waters, and Places

By Hippocrates

Written 400 B.C.E

Translated by Francis Adams
On Airs, Waters, and Places has been divided into the following sections:
Part 1  [10k]
Part 2  [11k]
Part 3  [11k]
Part 4  [12k]
Part 5  [10k]
Part 6  [10k]
Part 7  [15k]
Part 8  [13k]
Part 9  [13k]
Part 10  [15k]
Part 11  [10k]
Part 12  [12k]
Part 13  [10k]
Part 14  [11k]
Part 15  [11k]
Part 16  [12k]
Part 17  [10k]
Part 18  [10k]
Part 19  [12k]
Part 20  [10k]
Part 21  [10k]
Part 22  [13k]
Part 23  [11k]
Part 24 [13k]

Download: A 53k text-only version is available for download.

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