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Over the years, the Internet Classics Archive has benefited from the assistance of many individuals and organizations, not the least of whom are the regular patrons of the site. A select few individuals and organizations are listed below who have contributed significantly to the site.
Jon Lendon
Professor Lendon, formerly of MIT and currently at the University of Virginia, taught several introductory Greek and Roman history classes at MIT. His exciting and informative classes were the intellectual inspiration for this archive. He has also lent advice from time to time on the site. He recently published a book about Roman imperial government, Empire of Honour.

MIT Program in Writing and Humanistic Studies
Professor Jim Paradis, director of the MIT Program in Writing and Humanistic Studies, has generously agreed to host the Internet Classics Archive on the program's network.

Tom Grayson, Mike Shiffer, and the Pennsylvania State University Maps and Data Center
Shiffer and Grayson, of the MIT Computer Resource Laboratory, provided assistance using GIS software for the map facility. The map data was provided by PSU's excellent Digital Chart of the World site.

James Fieser's Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy (University of Tenessee, Martin)
Dr. Fieser's excellent resource is the electronic source for the texts by Epicurus, as well as The Enchiridion by Epictetus.

Kevin Fu
During the time that the Internet Classics Archive was hosted on the webatomics.com site, MIT student Kevin Fu graciously provided for URL redirection from the classics.mit.edu address.

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