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Awards and Mentions

The Internet Classics Archive, originally known as The Tech Classics Archive, has received many awards over the years and is referenced from over 10,000 pages around the Web. It is also extensively referenced from the online edition of Encyclopaedia Brittanica.

[award image]
PC Magazine
Top 100 Web Sites
"In a world of Achilles' heels, Oedipus complexes, platonic relationships, and cesarean sections, you ought to know your classic texts as well as you know your sitcoms. The Tech Classics Archive provides such an education you may even discard your Cliffs Notes collection."
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Point Communications
Top 5%
"For Netheads who ain't got no cultcha, this undergrad-run MIT Web site provides an unbelievable education."
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formerly the Whole Internet Catalog

Best of the Net
"A superb site that uses modern technology to spread the wisdom of the classics."
[award image]
"Do you think that Plato is that stuff you played with as a kid and that Xenophon is the name of a new long distance carrier? Well, perhaps the classics page at MIT is for you."
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The Eliki Award
"For Exemplary Design and Outstanding Achievement and Commitment to presenting Classics on the Web"
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Discovery Channel School
Valuable Internet Resource
"...has been selected as a valuable Internet resource for Discovery Channel School's Great Books Program for spring 1998."

[award image]
Cool Link

The archive was featured in the March 1995 issue of i/s, the MIT Information Systems newsletter, in an article titled "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum: The Classics Get a Digital Archive"

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Site of the Month
January, 1997
"The archive is sporting a new look, and resides on a new server. Some new features have been added, including a trivia section, a "recent work" window that pops up if you have a JavaScript-enabled browser, and a "featured work" on the home page."
[award image]
JAMMIN (Greek television show)
Cool Site of the Week
May 11, 1997
"Cool, huh? Good looking also! Way to go, American fellows!"
[award image]
L.A. Times
Times Pick
June 25, 1997
April 22, 1998
"To read the originals, try the Internet Classics Archive at MIT for translations of almost 400 works."
[award image]
Political Site of the Day
Political Site of the Day
November 12, 1997
Specifically honored Aristotle's Politics.
[award image]
World Village
Too Cool School House
Educational Site of the Week

January 4, 1998
"A superb digital repository that makes classical literature available and searchable online"
[award image]
Episteme Links
Gem of the Web
April-May, 1998

[award icon]
WebTrips Network
Rockin' Site of the Week
June 2, 1998

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The History Channel
Recommended Site

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Brain Bait
Golden Links Award

[award image]
4-Star Site

[award image]
I-Way 500

[award image]
Forum Romanum
The Perseus Award

[award image]
The Odysseus Award
for Promotion of the Classics

[award image]
Lady Socrates
The Socrates Award
for Thought Provoking Content

[award image]
Mr. Allison
Select Site

[award image]
Best of the Planet People's Choice

[award image]
The Password
Password Pick

[award image]
Wings Award

[award image]
Awesome Site

[award image]
Awesome Library
Star Rating

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